Writing Assignment Number 3 600 words Due 09/19/21 @ 11:59 PM EST Your employers will want you to produce completed, well edited documents in a timely fa

Writing Assignment Number 3 600 words

Due 09/19/21 @ 11:59 PM EST

Your employers will want you to produce completed, well edited documents in a timely fa

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Writing Assignment Number 3 600 words

Due 09/19/21 @ 11:59 PM EST

Your employers will want you to produce completed, well edited documents in a timely fashion, and they will judge you by the quality of your work.

Your word processor contains a number of templates for such applications as letters, memos, faxes, résumés, and other business documents. Evaluate one of these templates. Is it clear and professional looking? Does it present a design that will be effective for all users or only for some? What changes would you make to the template to improve it? Present your findings, and attach a copy of the template.

Do the same for both Excel and PowerPoint.

Please include all of the assignment items in a single document.

*Below I have attached PDF samples* Page 1

(Name Deleted)


Dr. Carswell


Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Templates


The first template to examine will be Microsoft Word’s “Resume (Color)” Template. It is a very
clean, straightforward template that does not
stray into overcomplexity or become visually
confusing to seem creative or unique – rather,
it is appropriate, and thoroughly detailed. This
template features a header which highlights
the name of the individual, immediately
followed by the person’s address, city, ZIP
code, telephone number, and email. The
name, however, is featured much more
prominently in large text.

What follows is the Objective, a well-organized
Education section in which various details
regarding degrees and schools can be found.
An article of Business Insider, however, argues
that “Objectives” are unnecessary in resumes,
and should be replaced with something more
akin to an executive summary of your skills.
(Giang, 2013) Regardless, this section allows
alteration and is a good start for any type of
introduction. In addition, the author Vivian Giang, also made note of the importance of
whitespace to highlight important elements, a clean professional style without excessive colors,
and an overall well-structured document. (Giang, 2013) The separation of the “Skills & Abilities”
section from the “Experience” section is a very important distinction, which allows whoever
uses this template to highlight skills he or she may have learned elsewhere, or abilities which
he or she is quite adept at. The Experience section allows for a more straightforward listing of
the jobs’ titles and descriptions, which the hiring company would be interested in.

Page 2


The second template, a Microsoft PowerPoint Template, is simple, clean, but with enough
of a background to remain striking without getting in the way. I believe PowerPoint
presentation templates should be relatively clean (without too many flash colors, excessive
backgrounds, or otherwise
confusing elements), but that
they should also have an

element of engaging visuals,
something that complements
the content within the slides
themselves. Often, PowerPoint
presentations are either too
bland, or too cluttered. This
template, however, works well

to visually complement graphs, text, and
other visual elements. The background
image is a greyscale fade, therefore
allowing the colors of the graph to
remain the focal point of the viewers’
eyes, with their prominent colors. The
surrounding visuals on the edge provide
the slide with almost a border of sorts.
While appealing visuals in presentations
are highly subjective, I do believe this

strikes a balance between professional and clean, and modern and intriguing. Thus, I believe
this template is suited for both home/university presentations as well as most professional
business environments.

Page 3


Finally, Microsoft Excel’s “Business Expense Report” template is ideal for businesses (likely small
businesses, or a department within a larger organization) to easily insert expense information
within a simple, clean report. Each header, of course, can be altered to fit the needs and expenses
of the business using
it, and it features
crucial business
information at the top
of the document. It
also provides room for
various rates, dates,
and those who
prepared and
approved the
document. While I
believe larger
organizations would
use far more complex
templates, this could
be used effectively by small businesses and even everyday users for their own expenses – albeit
with minor altering.

Page 4


Giang, V. (2013, November 17). 19 Reasons Why This Is An Excellent Resume. Retrieved from Business
Insider: http://www.businessinsider.com/why-this-is-an-excellent-resume-2013-11

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