Two Assignments 1) 1, Please read and summarize  the text  ” your hubby has a weak erection ” found at the co tent section of the blackboard . 2, Comment

Two Assignments 1)

1, Please read and summarize  the text  ” your hubby has a weak erection ” found at the co tent section of the blackboard .

2, Comment

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Two Assignments 1)

1, Please read and summarize  the text  ” your hubby has a weak erection ” found at the co tent section of the blackboard .

2, Comment and give your opinion on how to manage the problem.

Hint: Refer to Chapter 2 “love in relationship” and use most of the students’ discussions in the class

Note The whole writing should be about 1 page and a half. You may go further if you have more to explain but you should produce at least  the specified page.

Score summary = 40 points

Comments           =  60 points

You should  separate the summary and the comments and number them 1 and 2.



Student will write a personal bio related to performance or production experience and skills. A Bio is both an introduction to who you are, and an extended business card. The long Bio will be 500 words or less, then condense down to a short bio of 100 words or less. Both Bios have a purpose and use with regards to performance, fundraising, and press kits. When people read your bio, they should know why you are on stage, or were hired for the position, or award. Crafting a bio for each type of engagement is useful. Your bio should be informative and personable. Adding a personal mantra or view helps people relate to you. For example: “In addition to her love of animals, Jane Doe believes rescue pets also rescue people” such a statement at the end of a bio going in a program about animal conservation lets the reader know a little about why Jane Doe was selected to perform at a benefit for an animal shelter. Use the links below to view examples of bios. A simple place to start looking at bios is on performance websites for performance companies. 

1. Write a 400-500 word bio about yourself.

 a. Should be written in the third person.

b. include training in dance or theater production

c. mention awards won

d. other interests framed in a way that relates to dance or dance production

e. include a personal professional statement, or personal mantra.

2. 100 word bio- should be a condensed version of the 500 word bio. Because it is shorter you will have to choose what is really most significant.

Read the two articles in the link below then create your Bio using guidelines above. Your hubby has weak erection? Please help him

· Written by  Bosede Ola-Samuel

· Saturday, 12 October 2013 00:00


Erectile dysfunction is a common phenomenon in many marriages. About 30 per cent of married men are said to suffer from it at one stage or the other of their life. Some are able to get over it while some never do. But its been discovered that the role the wife plays during this stage of her husband’s life goes a long way in determining whether or not he will get over it.

Today, I am writing on what I have discovered as ways women react to erection problems of their husbands, and you will appreciate why no effort should be spared at ensuring good sexual performance from our husbands. It also promises to serve as help to women who are still facing the problem of erectile dysfunction in marriage.

The first reaction of some women to their husband’s weak erection, which usually results to lack of sexual fulfilment, is having an extra-marital affair. It is amazing to know the increasing rate of extra-marital affairs among women today owing to erection problem of their husbands. Many women, not wanting to be tagged promiscuous, or to make their husbands feel bad about their erection problem, find solace in having extra-marital affairs, in order to fill in the gap created by the sexual situation in their marriage.

Though, this is wrong because extra-marital affairs have terrible consequences on the marriage. This is not to underscore the trauma a woman faces when she is not sexually fulfilled in the marriage. It can be highly annoying and hugely unsatisfying for a woman to be taken on a flight, and then dropped mid-air to go crashing down. This is why we must do everything possible to ensure sexual satisfaction in marriage. Couples must therefore spare no effort in that direction, since it is achievable.

One of the signs of the pressure that weak erection puts on couples is nagging and blackmail on the part of the wife. As a result of lack of sexual pleasure, some women just express their frustration and displeasure by nagging and blackmailing their husbands. Statements such as “do you also call yourself a man?”, “why do you want to punish me with your sexual advances leading to nothing?”, “do you want me to die with emotional pains you inflict on me?”, “Is this what you call sex? Better go and ask your friends what sex is all about” become regular.

Some other wives use the erection problem of their husbands to blackmail him before third parties during resolution of marital disputes to cover their own weaknesses. They are quick to point to the fact that their husbands do not perform adequately in the matter of sex, thus frustrating them.

Women should note that nagging or blackmail is not the solution to the erection problem at this stage; rather,

it would get worse. When the man is subjected to nagging and black mail, you deflate his ego and make him feel stupid, and of no use to any woman.

The worst of all the reactions of wives to erection problem in marriage is divorce, which becomes an outcome of extra-marital affairs. For some women, their frustration over erection problem may lead to leaving their husbands for another man, from whom they hope to derive sexual pleasure. This may be due to the fact that some wives do not want to engage in extra-marital affairs, or for some, because they find great pleasure already in extra-marital affairs, thus desiring it on a permanent basis without the fear of being caught by their husbands.

This is not the right solution since erection problem is treatable. In most cases, it is not a permanent situation, but a temporary one that can be overcome if the couples will give their best to finding solutions to it. All it requires is the full cooperation of the parties involved and the situation will soon become history.

Another reaction of wives to the erection problem in their marriage is to stand by their husbands to work out a solution. This is done in a loving manner without battering their male ego. This is achieved by encouraging the husband not to feel bad about the situation. Rather, he should go all out to get the available help as she stands by him. Furthermore, the wife should be ready to help him work through some therapies requiring her cooperation. These include the squeeze method which is helpful in abolishing the desire to climax prematurely; stop and start method to reduce stimulation, and changing sex positions for better performance from the husband. The wife can also engage in other activities relating to her hobbies, religion, or passion to stem her sex drive considerably.

It is worthy of the woman to note how relieving it is to the husband to have her emotional support in all things, including sexual problems. Now, there will be two people in love fighting the battle together, and like the Christian faith says, two are better than one, for they have a good reward for their labour.

A woman whose husband is passing through this stage must do everything possible to boost their male ego because how a man feels about himself plays a major role in winning this fight against weak erection. And to a great extent, your man’s self-esteem is dependent on you. Men with wives who believe in them tend to believe in themselves than men wives who don’t believe in them. A man whose self esteem is battered will definitely lose this battle. So, please avoid doing anything that can ruin his self-esteem.

Wives can also help their husbands get erection through various stimulations initiated by them. Such include stimulation with the hands, the breasts, or the mouth.

To help the wives cope better in situation of weak erection, and secure their cooperation, husbands must talk to their wives in order to:

Affirm the love they share.

That they still find their wives attractive.

That they are not having affairs, which is taking its toll on their sexual performance.

Read and comment in class.

Dr. Ogunnika

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