TEAM EXERCISE NEED PLAGERISM REPORT Continue to use the organization you selected for your final project in Week 1 (ATTACHED). This week, you are being pla

TEAM EXERCISE NEED PLAGERISM REPORT Continue to use the organization you selected for your final project in Week 1 (ATTACHED). This week, you are being pla

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TEAM EXERCISE NEED PLAGERISM REPORT Continue to use the organization you selected for your final project in Week 1 (ATTACHED). This week, you are being placed on a ten-person virtual team. You decide that prior to the team getting started on the project, you want to do some research that will help you identify ways to make your virtual team most effective. You may need to create hypothetical details about the team and its purpose on the basis of what you know of the organization you selected for the final project.

On the basis of your research, write a paper addressing the following:

Assess the purpose of the team (i.e., what is the project it has been assigned?) and the contribution of key members to team purpose.

Analyze four to six potential problems that virtual teams typically face. Is the hypothetical team you described susceptible to these problems? What specific problems might it develop?

Justify four to six viable solutions to make your team effective, including why these solutions will work. 1


Family Foods is the non-profit organization that I chose. Family Foods is a locally owned and operated grocery store that has been serving the Tuskegee, Alabama region for 36 years. It is owned and operated by Andrews Majal, my grandfather, who is my great-grandfather. Over the course of several decades, he transformed a vegetable stand into a well-known supermarket.
Family Foods is well-known across the neighborhood for offering a diverse selection of produce, meats, and groceries. Customers are drawn in by the company’s pleasant customer service and welcoming environment. In addition, because the store has been in operation for such a long period of time, customers frequently return for the experience. It is a part of the community and the history of Tuskegee, and it should be preserved. Family Foods is a small business that supplies meat and produce to other small businesses in the neighborhood, such as restaurants. In addition, they source the majority of their produce from local farmers and producers.
Piggly Wiggly is their most significant competitor. Located in the same neighborhood as Piggly Wiggly, this food store has been in business for many years. As time has progressed, dollar stores have also emerged as a serious competitor to the family-owned supermarket business. Dollar stores, such as Family Dollar, are currently the most significant competitors, in my opinion, because they offer the vast majority of the same products at a lower price than their competitors. Everything is available for purchase, with the exception of fresh produce and meats. Customers that remain loyal to the company are the driving force behind its success.


Motivation is described as the process by which an individual’s passion, direction, and determination of work toward achieving a goal are accounted for and explained (Silvia, 2019). In most cases, it refers to the intensity and direction of behavior. A wide range of factors influence employee motivation, which makes it an extremely delicate issue. These components are referred to as intrinsic and extrinsic features, respectively, because they arise from both within and outside the organization, respectively. Environmental factors are the most common type of external factor. The majority of these elements are under the control of the organization’s management and may, as a result, be used to the advantage of the organization in order to increase levels of employee motivation and engagement. Employee happiness is influenced by a variety of inherent characteristics as well as external factors. This is most likely due to the fact that they go to the heart of what employees think about their work and how they feel that the tasks they are allocated are meaningful and relevant (- & Kioko, 2018). The issue of motivation is either an individualistic or an inherent aspect in an employee’s personality, and it can influence an employee to create a particular mindset about their work. Employee motivation is influenced by perceptions of their superiors.
In the case of Family Foods organization, there are a variety of things that might have an impact on one’s level of motivation. One’s level of job satisfaction, job involvement, organizational commitment, and organizational citizenship are some of the elements that influence how well one performs on the job. Whether a person is satisfied with their employment is determined by how they feel about it, which can be either positive or bad. In the event that a person has bad thoughts about their employment, it is unlikely that they will be driven to accomplish tasks or aspire to advance in the firm. This type of poor motivation will eventually begin to have an impact on the firm because the employee is not doing their responsibilities.
Another element is the level of involvement in one’s job. The extent to which an employee will devote himself or herself to his or her job is referred to as job involvement. In other words, an employee’s job involvement is determined by how much time he or she is willing to devote to the organization. When one invests their time and attention, it is beneficial to the firm; yet, if they slack off, it is detrimental to the organization as well (Saengchai, Siriattakul, & Jermsittiparsert, 2019). It is essential for a company’s success and growth that its personnel are committed to putting in the necessary time and effort to achieve these goals. They must be willing to put the company’s interests ahead of their own.
Organizational commitment can be defined as a person’s desire to remain loyal to a certain firm. They must be willing to participate in a variety of activities that are beneficial to the organization. This could include company meetings, fundraisers, or anything else that will help the organization as a whole. Employees that remain loyal to their employers will do so no matter what happens to the company, including during difficult times.
Organizational citizenship refers to the voluntary efforts taken by employees on behalf of the organization that benefit the organization as a whole. This implies that the employee will go out of his or her way to assist the organization. Regardless of whether or not it is beneficial to them, they will be willing to take on duties and challenges for the sake of the firm. Having this aspect demonstrates to the firm that their personnel are willing and ready to go above and beyond in order for the organization to flourish.
Overall, low job motivation has a greater impact on a company than we may realize. Employees who are demotivated will exhibit poor performance, which may result in a loss of customers or poor work conduct on the part of the organization. To be able to distribute its products, a corporation must have high levels of operational performance. Sales can suffer as a result of poor performance (Saengchai, Siriattakul, & Jermsittiparsert, 2019). Customers that are disappointed with their purchases will generate low sales, which will hinder the company’s ability to succeed.


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