SaaS Model With Hybrid Options In Cloud Computing **Final Research Paper – Minimum 7 pages – SaaS model with Hybrid options in Cloud Computing Five sour

SaaS Model With Hybrid Options In Cloud Computing **Final Research Paper – Minimum 7 pages – SaaS model with Hybrid options in Cloud Computing

Five sour

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SaaS Model With Hybrid Options In Cloud Computing **Final Research Paper – Minimum 7 pages – SaaS model with Hybrid options in Cloud Computing

Five source annotated bibliography

Summary or Abstract containing at least 750 words.

attached SaaS document(submitted as initial project proposal)

Kindly follow attached Rubric

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please write in APA format

Please don’t forget to add 12 slides PPT SaaS model with Hybrid options in Cloud Computing

Hybrid cloud includes the storage and on-premises infrastructure made up of environment services, private cloud services and public cloud to the mixed computing and among various platforms the automated configuration is made (Marko, 2020).

SaaS is expanded as Software as a Service is a method in cloud which provides software to the users for any compatible devices over internet the SaaS application can be used by the user after logging. Coupling with another applications and platforms on datacenters and for other cloud platforms SaaS is mandatory. The backend services of the organization will creep by using deeper SaaS and in critical business processes the availability and performance dependent upon SaaS product. The tradeoffs of SaaS are fully understood by the business executives when revenue, customer satisfaction and operations of the business rely upon an external service provider. Without sacrificing the risk can be reduced with use of SaaS model in hybrid cloud. The right option for hybrid SaaS implementation is shared and single-tenant infrastructure (Marko, 2020).

With the implementation of using shared infrastructure SaaS deployment model is conflated typically and the infrastructure is shared across the hundreds and thousands of the customers all the customer titles are delivered by the vast majority of SaaS products and the concepts are merged in a way that anyone are able to understand in an easy way. The data such as customer’s sensitive information, financial, procurement and HR held in CRM, ERP, CMS and HER systems. The fear of vendors in business can be mitigated by the usage of SaaS market with single-tenant infrastructure. The parts of application such as web UI, mobile interface, and from shared infrastructure the administrative councils are deliverable on the dedicated infrastructure the backend database and the business logics will run in all these a better SaaS alternative is a hybrid model (Marko, 2020).

The mix between the shared and single telnet resources are life science and financial services which provides two classes of services they are standard and VIP.


The application logic and UI services with the shared infrastructure are provided by standard to share the dedicated database for each customer and for each quarter the updates will be done automatically (Marko, 2020).


The application middleware, UI and database are provided with VIP with dedicated services and with the customer over schedule the updates the updates will be available within each quarter (Marko, 2020).


The advantages of hybrid approach are:

The resource contention will be eliminated by the performance of the predictable application.
Over the updates on software and maintenance of downtime there will be control.
The data repositories will have the backup policies and the physical location and over the application version and configuration there will be customer control.
The usage of dedicated database will mitigate the risk levels and to the other cloud infrastructures the databases can be replicated or migrated easily.
If hacker attacked the database and there is loss of data then the data can be restored quickly this can be done when the customers on the shared database or in the storage repositories they should not be comingled (Marko, 2020).

Marko, K, (2020), When – and why – hybrid SaaS might be a better option,

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